I’m back in Ireland

I love it here

my home is where my heart is

and that’s Donegal

Glenveagh National Park

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visiting my home country

happy with people I love

loads of coffee and chocolate

and best chats


so good 🙂

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I love Autumn

I love the colours, scent of wet earth, leaves under my feet

I love huge sweaters and shawls, and fluffy socks

dark lipsticks and hats

hot coffee


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hello there

I’m just wondering who is there reading?

is there anybody reading? 🙂

here is a song from friends gig for you:

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how did we get here?

how from being so close, holding each other like there is no tomorrow, feeling deeply we got to this glass wall between us

how did it happen?

I can see you but I can’t feel you

you can see me but only some forgotten gods know what you feel or think

I don’t

where once was heat between us, there is just chilly night now

where once was wild passion between us, there is not even mild friendly interest now

where once was love (or was it? did I imagine it all?) there is Nothing now

Nothing eating up Fantasia

and I have no Falcor to bring me luck

luckily Gmork is gone too..

disappointment, sadness, regret

when I start to love, I just keep loving and it’s hard for me to get over the fact that people just stop, that they don’t care anymore, they’re gone and we’re strangers again, even further apart than before


but this is how it is

so I leave this Love behind

it was important

it was intense and beautiful

it was sweet and strong like coffee with honey

it’s asleep now because the man I loved is not there anymore, just some stranger

cute and sweet one, all right

but just another stranger

all that feeling: I’ve known you forever, I can be fully myself with you, I can rest beside you, I’m turned on just by looking at you- all that is gone

what is left?



gratitude mixed with regret ( The Civil Wars – The One That Got Away )

deep disappointment… with myself mostly


you are just yourself, you told me and showed me more than once exactly who you are

I just didn’t want to see and believe

now I do

I’m glad “we” happened

I’m glad “we” are over

my love is and will be there


maybe one day it will grow and bloom again

maybe not

does it even matter?








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perfect day

another fantastic day in Donegal

photography, beach, Ocean, peace

couldn’t ask for more


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what a day!

Gola Island

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