hair mischaps

inspired by Jenn I will show you few of my worst hair nightmares 😉
and let me tell you these are GOOD pictures of those disasters…
I mean, nice looking pictures, selected ones
so imagine what it must have looked like in real life…


so first: traffick cone ( yep, I was glowing in the dark)


black as the night


black and of course I cut it myself!


and yes: black and short and I cut it myself AGAIN! :/




red lipstick

I like

here it is

what to do if you’re terrified to get out of your comfort zone?

what to do when you’re  happy with who you are but still bit scared how others will react and judge you?

well… beautiful Ruzele inspired me with her youtubes and positive thinking

thank you dear, you’re a star 🙂


tomorrow I’ll try to make a little youtube in English
I’m telling you straight away my English is.. .wellllll… you’ll understand (probably) what I’m saying but it’s not my native tongue so I struggle sometimes 🙂
sometimes often
anyway it will be all about clothes and make up and body image so should be easy enough to do



and today I’m just going to show you what I got for myself (loelovelove!)

tadadadaaaam and this is why I want to do that video 🙂 😉 will tell you more tomorrow :p


mad hatter

I like hats

I’m just not so sure hats like me, especially after I chopped  my locs bit too short

hatty challenge: grow my hair long enough to look good in my hats again

and GET MORE HATS, and wear them 😉 (that is a big challenge with winds here in Ireland ;p )

for now I have four

what you think?


don’t you just love it when someone says: your hair (make-up, dress, shape, whatever) is great, much better than before!



especially when “before” is natural and the way that I mostly wear it/am

I was complimented like this today, aquaintance commented on my photo: your hair is lovely, much better this way than curly


this is my natural messy hair (colour is fake of course and I love it this way and sometimes my hair is more curly sometimes it’s just messy-like here ;p )


and this is the straightened version she complimented (also freshly dyed):


now, it’s not the question if I look better with straight or messy hair, with or without make-up, de gustibus non est disputandum

I like it both ways as I simply like myself

even when I look like this ( before shower, no make up and in my mum’s t-shirt) ;p


it’s about the way people think they’re being nice and they say nice things while what they really do is tell you “you’re not good enough the way you are/were”

and it’s not necessarily cause they want to be mean, it’s just that they don’t realise what they’re doing, they may honestly think that your look is better now then before and they don’t understand that saying it the way they do is actually belittleing and harmful

so what to do if someone (in our opinion) REALLY looks better with whatever they changed about their appearence? and we want to compliment them and kinda hint that it looks better?

I think it is safe to say: I like it more this way and I think it really suits you

make it personal preference (I like, I love, I prefer) and always ALWAYS accentuate how great it is and how amazing, noticing details and so on and so on without saying ANYTHING negative about other/before look

it’s that simple!

and I know girl that complimented me ment well

but tbh I will NOT straighten my hair more often to please anybody

too much hassle :p