sorting out my wardrobe
I have too many clothes!
some will go to charity
some to friends
some for recycling
changing my colour palette
other than little black (few) dress and couple of black or grey items (and those will probably go in second sorting) I’m getting rid of all dark and grey stuff
also giving away all my jeans but two pairs to keep and see if I feel like wearing jeans ever again
anything that’s broken/too big/much too small has to go
been at it for half a day now
taking wee break now with a lovely red wine
what are you up to?

Joanna wants some too but this is not for babies :p




I’ve had some rather difficult going ons last few days
some good stuff too 🙂
decisions decisions
plans, ideas, delays…

sunshine helps


sunny Sunday

sunny but far from lazy

gosh I’ve been busy!

cleaning living room and moving furniture

I still have a lot to do and a mountain of dishes waiting to be washed but still very proud and happy

productive day

and now I’m ready to seduce my Inspiration and work on the book 😀

showered, put rose ring on, made coffee

how is your day going?

ps. photos of my living room:

before/during cleaning



lovely day

it was sunny even if tiny bit chilly 🙂

up early, fed animals, shower, make up and off to Country Market

bought some chowder, fudge, maroccan burgers, all fresh and local stuff

met some lovely people, chats and smiles

it was good

after that journey with friend to a nearby town, coffee, chat, chill, SO GOOD!

pictures on a drive back

and after cookie and coffee, and reading outside

bit cold but so sweet with sunshine and my cats going crazy, chasing each other, rolling on the warm ground

after I rearranged my work/writing space and annoyed Maika, my ginger cat (I wouldn’t let her snuggle in my arms as I tried to write) so she showed me how displeased she is by climbing on top of bookcase, silly kittie

perfect time

it finally feels like Spring 😀