peace of mind

the more I distance myself from people that are not good to me and for me the more happy and tranquil I become

there are some good people that are not good for me
they mean well, they think they are friendly or helpful but they are not

they don’t understand me or they have values and priorities that heavily crash with mine and they are disrespectful about it

I recently blocked someone like this on fb

is he a bad guy?

I don’t think so

but he overstepped the line when I politely asked him to not post comments, that are attacking my beliefs, on my wall, as I don’t post those on his he refused point blank and told me he’s got the right to express himself freely

not on my wall bitch!

some time ago I’d try to explain and express my regret but now I just hit “block” and ask The Goblin King to take him away RIGHT NOW šŸ˜‰

I have no time and patience and health to fiddle with every person that decides to disrespect me, I give one warning and then BYE

and some time ago I would still have them in my mind, sometimes it does come back, like a bit of hiccup but I drink a glass of water, breatheĀ deeply and move on

in real life I do the same: I smile politely, say hi and bye and don’t engage in any interaction

keeping emotional and, as much as possible, physical distance from those who don’t treat me right

and I was afraid I’m going to be even more alone (I am alone A LOT) Ā but when I got my standards back when I set the bar higher when I got rid of people who are unkind or false towards me I’ve made more space for good ones

for those who respect me, who value our time together, who invest time and effort as much as I do

and this feels amazing

and it brings peace and joy

I’m sure I’ll come in close contact with some problematic people again, I’m still drawn to ones with issues (I don’t mind issues, I do mind disrespect or taking me for granted) but I’m also quite sure I’ll recognise the pattern much faster and not lower my standards and will nicely say: bye! and move on

this is healthy egoism, this is basic self-careĀ and I need it

do you?




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