finally something new ;)


what poetry is?


vanilla and cinnamon 


what poetry is?


dog’s fur and cat’s purr


what poetry is?


raindrops and rainbows


what poetry is?


freckles and tickles


what poetry is?


you and me


what poetry is?




one from 2014


I am not in love
but I’m head over heels in lust
can’t help it
there is a drop of infatuation
a pinch of crush
and an ocean of lust
mountain of desire
there will be love
one day
for now
it is
what it is
making my blood sing
making my heart dance
making my skin burn

do you love yourself?

are you your own friend?

I hear it only too often when saying that it’s hard for me that all my loved and loving ones live far from here (nearest’s in Dublin)

that there is no one here that I love and they love me back

ffs PEOPLE! would you shove that psychology-for-idiots stuff up your patronising assess?

I do love myself, I am my own best friend and most interesting company

if I don’t have many relationships where I live is BECAUSE I HAVE FUCKING STANDARDS

I’m not interested in bullshit

I’m not interested in lies

in gossip

in pretence

in neglect

in stupidity

in drugs and/or alcohol

I’d rather have real and amazing relationships with people far away than shite ones here (and yes, I can have both! and I do, have some wonderful friendships here but me being me: not enough! want more 😀 )

I may not see my loved ones for as often as I would like to but I KNOW I’m in their hearts and thoughts because they proved it more than once

that’s why if someone declares their love after few weeks of knowing me I’ m like: really? bullshit!

you don’t know me, you may lust after me, you may have a gigantic crush but it is NOT LOVE, and it’s not friendship

not to my standards

and yes, it can be hard here because this place is very small and I don’t have much choice but I’d rather spend time in my own beloved and friendly company than waste it on shallow, stupid and pointless relationships

not because I do not love myself but because I love myself enough to be wise about it

learned it hard way

brilliant painful lesson

and it’s NO THANKS until we know each other really well, good and bad, prettiest and ugliest

like I do with “my” people, ones that I’m true friends/loves for years and years

we fought and worked for those relationships to last and to deepen

I’m not interested in less!