different people look for different things and different ways
I seek sublime, beautiful and transcendent
I’m not moved by vulgar
I’m not moved by ovesexualised
I’m not moved by exhibitionistic
I’m not interested in literal description of artist’s personal life, her/his genitalia, grooming habits or bodily functions
no, it doesn’t shock me, it bores me, it’s mundane and it’s not to my taste
I don’t hate it and I don’t hate those who like/perform that kind of art
if that makes them happy good for them
sometimes I even look at some of it, pure curiosity and entertainment value and a bit of study of human nature (and that always interests me)
but art like this will not hold my attention for long, will not give me shivers and goosbumps, will not entertain me enough to pay for book/dvd/cd/gig
there are songs and voices that take me to different dimentions and there are those that make me shrug and turn to talk to my friends
there are books that stay with me for long time, make difference and those that I forget in a blink or don’t even finish
there are movies that I can watch again and again and every time I see something new and beautiful and those that make me switch off or leave theather
and yes, there is something in between: art that is also craft, it’s well done, it’s nice and good and fun
and I appreciate that very much, it’s lovely
but yes, I’m fussy and I know what I like and what I I dislike
in art
and in artists
and in life
and I’ll stick to that


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