we’re having the most beautiful Autumn this year…


true love

love of my life


do it today

today one thing hit me even more than usual: it’s people I love, and those that love me, that matter, other things come and go, there are ups and downs but all that really matters is deep true love
and I’m not talking about infatuation, head over heels thingy
being smitten is sweet and wild and overwhelming but it does not have that depth, that truth, that REAL thing that love does
when you know someone, really KNOW them, best and worst and you just don’t stop loving them, no matter what, and here and now
because you know what? there may be no tomorrow
no time for coffee, for chat, for cuddle, for holding hands, for laughing, crying, being together
there may be no time for you, for them, ever again
so hurry my friends, when you love someone let them know, be with them, write, text, call, facebook, go for walk, go for coffee, and more coffee 😉 , go for drive, see a movie, share music, books, shows, LOVE

too much happening

real life cought up with me

my ex is not an ex after all, we worked things out


looking for job, changing houses (not yet but soon enough)

lost 7kg

got new phoenix tattoo