what a week :/

broke up with my long distance lover

he’s usually a lovely person but in this case he behaved like a dick and it wasn’t easy

oh, I know we will be friends, I knoooow, but first few days I wasn’t feeling that well about it..

so I decided to do a lot of good things for myself

proper selfcare 😀

had time with friends

went for two or three walks a day (even a bit of running and visiting donkeys 😀 )

went to talent night at Leo’s Tavern and sang there (there is going to be seperate note about that amazing experience)

wore nice clothes and put make up on

snuggled with cats

watched “Forces of Nature” with Brian Cox ( ❤ )

wrote a poem

lost 3 kilos still eating cake and waffles

took photos of sunset

and yesterday I stole idea from my friend’s fb and doing #100happydays


anybody here doing that hashtag? I don’t do hashtags thingies, it’s my first ;p



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