I was born in a beautiful city

I left it long ago

found myself in the another one

made of bricks and rock

canals and cobblestones

I was lost

there must me a place for me


there must a place for my soul

to find peace

travelling here and there and around

stunning views

lovely people


but my soul was craving for more

wanting to belong

and then


stole my heart

all the beauty

and all friends I love

hills and Ocean

and music most of all

HornHead Cliffs

Falcarragh Backstrand

Tramore and Marble Hill

this is my home

this is where I belong

girl from Poland

lost no more


what a week :/

broke up with my long distance lover

he’s usually a lovely person but in this case he behaved like a dick and it wasn’t easy

oh, I know we will be friends, I knoooow, but first few days I wasn’t feeling that well about it..

so I decided to do a lot of good things for myself

proper selfcare 😀

had time with friends

went for two or three walks a day (even a bit of running and visiting donkeys 😀 )

went to talent night at Leo’s Tavern and sang there (there is going to be seperate note about that amazing experience)

wore nice clothes and put make up on

snuggled with cats

watched “Forces of Nature” with Brian Cox ( ❤ )

wrote a poem

lost 3 kilos still eating cake and waffles

took photos of sunset

and yesterday I stole idea from my friend’s fb and doing #100happydays


anybody here doing that hashtag? I don’t do hashtags thingies, it’s my first ;p


where do you see yourself in 5 years?

you know how they ask you that at job interviews?

well.. first of all I barely can see myself tomorrow, forget 5 years from now

second honest answer is: are you asking about my dreams? or reality?

cause I can see myself rich and beautiful and 20 years younger but with life experience I have already
well that ain’t gonna happen 😉

I understand it’s about setting long term goals and finding a way to get there but to be honest I was never a goal oriented person
or ambitious

ok, I am ambitious but in very odd way 😉

so now seriously: where would I like (thinking realisticly) to be in five years?

I’d like to have easy, not too engaging and all right paid job, Monday to Friday, good social, good healthcare programm, paid holidays

I’d like to be three size smaller (doable but not easy)

I’d like to have two or three commited loving honest partners

I’d like to have all my planned upper body tattoos done

I’d like to be more fit and flexible (working on it)

I’d like to have long hair (easy in 5 years :p)

I’d like to live in warm, dry, cosy house with my cats and dog and I really hope Nua still be alive and well (she is 6 now so there is a good chance)

I’d like to finish at least first of my books and publish it (also doable)

I’d like to sing in pubs in a local band (or solo act with guest musicians)

I’d like to be content in everyday life and extatically happy from time to time

I’d like to go to beach every day

I’d like to travel to Poland, Amsterdam, all over Ireland and different places in Europe for weekend breaks at least every other month

I’d like to make few new friends (doable)

I’d like to dance more (totally doable)

I’d like to learn tai-chi (will see)

I’d like to make peace with my own head (for good!)

and I’d like to own one material “luxury” item: really good coffee machine, and buy beans from The Barn (not cheap!)

sooo… this is quite realistic, don’t you think?

so, I finished my coffee and ready to start working on at least one of those goals 😉

lets take Nua for a walk and get fitter 🙂

hair mischaps

inspired by Jenn I will show you few of my worst hair nightmares 😉
and let me tell you these are GOOD pictures of those disasters…
I mean, nice looking pictures, selected ones
so imagine what it must have looked like in real life…


so first: traffick cone ( yep, I was glowing in the dark)


black as the night


black and of course I cut it myself!


and yes: black and short and I cut it myself AGAIN! :/