tough day?
how to deal?
start it with cafe and get inspired by a friend to write a song (fourth one in last four days!), punkish and angry (yep, partly done and there is word FUCK! in it so it’s angry enough)
and then another friend makes you happiest ever by telling you that one you’ve written four days ago is a fucking earworm and she can’t get it out of her head 😀 FOR FOUR DAYS!
after that you go and block someone on fb, cause you fucking can 😀
and after that you eat coffee Haagen Daz ice cream that was half price
and after you work your ass off at you favourite shop, volunteering and have a lovely coffee and chocolate cake/cream with nicest co-worker ever
meet bestie’s grandfather (lovely gentelman, can see where those boys got their charm from ;p )
and then get home and eat pizza
with purring cat
and record a bit of that angry song 😀
tough day?
in many ways it was and still is shit
but hey
I love and I’m loved
and this is what matters 🙂

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