portrait day 27

Endaxi The Mermaid



refreshed colour

I’ve changed my hair dye colour to lighter and it was not good, yellowish roots, yuck (YES I do have a lot of grey hair and those coloured yellow instead of ginger with this particular one)


so I got a different one and retired hairdresser friend of a friend advised me for how long to keep it on and helped me apply it and…well.. I rather like the outcome 🙂


It’s still not exactly what I want but close enough 😉


old poem

like I never was
at 23
or ever
she looks at me
with this sweet smile
cute girl
I knew then
as well as I do now
who I was
and that cage
is the only thing I’d ever fear
she’s looking
for her own answers
fragile like a flower
dreaming of sunshine
she can see her reflection
in bright eyes of a boy
touching her cheek
and thigh
she can feel her blood sing
when he kisses her
at 23
it’s enough

portrait day 25

guest photo (my idea and camera, picture taken by 10 years old daughter of best friend, what an amazing talent!)

Princess Bubble Gaia

by Anna Żukowska