dating? no, thanks

I don’t do dating

no, seriously

I don’t like it

for me it’s something superficial, stinks of fake

bit like job interview: lot of bullshit

only with job inteview at least there is a cv, references from previous employers and all that, with dating it’s just plain sales and marketing

when I click with someone we don’t need dates, we just go for it, do things together, drink coffee, talk, laugh, sex, whatever we feel like

or in established relationship we do “dates” and that means celebrating time together and our relationship

but all “going on a date” (dressing, makeuping, stressing, hairdoing) is just booooooooooring

so… if you see me as potential partner… or just fancy me, lets   grab a coffee , talk to me, go for walk or drive

and if I feel the same we’ll kiss and hold hands, and fuck each other sensless

but pleasepleaseplease spare me all that “dating” crap :p



2 Replies to “dating? no, thanks”

    1. that’s EASY :p
      after going for a walk, or pub with friends, we come back to mine, I put my jammies on and make delicious coffee
      I make wicked cappucinno! :p
      actually that’s how one of my lovely flings started, few of us came back to mine after gig in the pub, I changed into pjs straight away, made coffee and hot chocolate for everyone, we sat down, chatted, laughed and then few friends left, one fell asleep and one… didn’t :p
      it was sweet 😀 and no dating :p

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