portrait day 12




portrait day 6



dating? no, thanks

I don’t do dating

no, seriously

I don’t like it

for me it’s something superficial, stinks of fake

bit like job interview: lot of bullshit

only with job inteview at least there is a cv, references from previous employers and all that, with dating it’s just plain sales and marketing

when I click with someone we don’t need dates, we just go for it, do things together, drink coffee, talk, laugh, sex, whatever we feel like

or in established relationship we do “dates” and that means celebrating time together and our relationship

but all “going on a date” (dressing, makeuping, stressing, hairdoing) is just booooooooooring

so… if you see me as potential partner… or just fancy me, lets   grab a coffee , talk to me, go for walk or drive

and if I feel the same we’ll kiss and hold hands, and fuck each other sensless

but pleasepleaseplease spare me all that “dating” crap :p


on being nice

a friend had written a fb status that got me thinking

she decided, she wants to be nice to everybody

to people saying nasty things about her, to people that anger her, hurt her, make her sad or simply don’t like her

she wants to be nice to them and smile

and if they don’t like that either that’s ok too


I kind of get the idea

if being not-nice was causing her harm it is understandable that she wants to change her approach, if confrontation makes her miserable it’s better that way

but I don’t believe in “nice” when people are mean, when they are nasty, when they deliberately disrespect and upset others

I belive in standing up for myself and for others

so no, I will NOT be nice if someone is rasist, homophobic, agressive, nasty, bullying, viciously gossiping

I won’t sit there and smile, or smile and leave

I will never ignore verbal or physical abuse, talking shit behind someones back and I definitely will not be nice to people who deliberately hurt other people or animals

no fucking chance

cause I believe in standing up for weak, harmed and hurt

and I payed for not being nice, more that once

but I still will say big fat: FUCK OFF to every bully, to every false friend, to every nasty  or manipulative person trying to harm me or my friends

I will call out their bullshit

and yes, I won’t be popular, liked or “positive”

but I will be honest and true to what I believe in

being nice is not my priority

being REAL is

so when I’m angry I won’t smile and be nice

when I’m hurt I won’t smile and be nice

when I’m sad, upset, shaken, furious, scared I won’t smile and be nice

I’ll stand up for myself

and I’ll stand up for others if needed

and I will take consequences and responsibility for that

so it’s ok if someone likes it

if not they can fuck off