I’ve been 43 for over a month now
and you know, like… people make lists of things to do before 30, before 40, before whatever, before you die

well.. I’ve done  A LOT but there is still plenty to do!

here are few things I want and I will do

list of things to do before I die:

-finish and publish a novel (for now I have idea/material for 6 volumes, ekhem)

-put together and publish small book of poetry  (I’ll look into it this week, I have all material, just need to edit and selpublish it… money is an issue as usual :/ )

-grow my hair REALLY long (even just to shave it all off for charity)

-change countries one or two more times (back to Poland? Canada! Scotland?)

-learn French and/or Spanish (I can start that now!)

-get both sleeves, upper back and right side chest, tatooed (I have ideas/designs for most of it, I have fantastic artist, I just don’t have the money :p )

-weigh less that 65kg

-read Proust again (will start today)

-ALWAYS have a rescue dog

-sing in a band (I can sing, now I need a band)

-learn editing videos and post youtubes

-do barista course

-pierce my nose (going to do it this Friday!)
and that’s it for now 🙂

what are your ideas/plans of things to do before you die?



About RudaKawa

Jestem szurniętą kobietą w średnim wieku, wiedźmą, poetką, wymądrzalską Małą Mi, która nie wiedzieć po co dorosła, mieszkam w Irlandii, na wsi, z moimi rudymi kotami i ukochaną sunią. Czytam, piszę, tańczę i śpiewam, piję hektolitry kawy i zagryzam czekoladą, mam serce i ciało w rozmiarze XXL, jestem uboga groszem, ale bogata duchem, zapraszam!! :)
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5 Responses to 43

  1. novincza says:

    I like this list, and no deadline make it so…. forgive my english, but in polish it sounds good, comfortable, i feel that you have no pressure on doing all this things. I see great list of dreams. I’m really curious of thinks you have done, and youre really proud of, and you will put them on this list if you havent done it before.

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