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I’ve been 43 for over a month now
and you know, like… people make lists of things to do before 30, before 40, before whatever, before you die

well.. I’ve done  A LOT but there is still plenty to do!

here are few things I want and I will do

list of things to do before I die:

-finish and publish a novel (for now I have idea/material for 6 volumes, ekhem)

-put together and publish small book of poetry  (I’ll look into it this week, I have all material, just need to edit and selpublish it… money is an issue as usual :/ )

-grow my hair REALLY long (even just to shave it all off for charity)

-change countries one or two more times (back to Poland? Canada! Scotland?)

-learn French and/or Spanish (I can start that now!)

-get both sleeves, upper back and right side chest, tatooed (I have ideas/designs for most of it, I have fantastic artist, I just don’t have the money :p )

-weigh less that 65kg

-read Proust again (will start today)

-ALWAYS have a rescue dog

-sing in a band (I can sing, now I need a band)

-learn editing videos and post youtubes

-do barista course

-pierce my nose (going to do it this Friday!)
and that’s it for now 🙂

what are your ideas/plans of things to do before you die?